Put Your Data
To Work.
In data's complexity we see opportunities. Opportunities for innovation, greater business understanding, empowered decision making, and deeper customer relationships.

We are experts at helping large enterprises in finance, retail and consumer packaged goods put their data to work.
What we Do
Drive Value From Your Data
By pairing behavioural economics with state-of-the-art AI technologies, we help you truly understand your customers and build data-backed business strategies. How? By asking the right questions, understanding the interconnected ecosystem of use cases and deploying our scalable AI Modules.

Find the opportunity in your data with our PhD-driven approach

Our world-class team of data scientists and behavioural economists are proven experts at productionizing AI modules that drive outcomes for your business. With our expertise in behavioural economics we understand the psychology of consumer behaviours to build business strategies that deliver results.

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Deploy AI Modules

Utilize our AI Modules to drive value, like personalizing your consumer experience and improving efficiencies, helping you match each client to the best products and offers, or managing your supply chain and predicting the impacts of marketing tactics.

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Map an ecosystem of interconnected use cases that easily scale

Our approach and system design mean that solving one use case opens the door to easily solve and combine many more. No one else does this. Implementing dynamic pricing? How might that impact demand or purchase recommendations?

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Our Process and Tools

We employ our proprietary, uniquely collaborative, and results-driven process to identify your business goals, starting with asking the right questions. Using PhD-driven expertise and the most advanced tools available, we uncover opportunities in your data and deploy our AI Modules to capitalize on them. This is our methodology for your success.

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AI & Predictive Analytics

Algorithms to determine customer behaviour.

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Behavioural Economics

Game theory, network analysis, and econometrics.

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Relationship mapping and information consolidation.

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Integrated Automation

Use AI models with your existing business systems.

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