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We are an AI Platform that combines Behavioural Economics with a world-class science team to deliver value.

We began as a bespoke AI consultancy, very quickly our diverse and interdisciplinary team zeroed in on the commonalities across enterprise use cases and verticals. We learned firsthand the common barriers to adopting AI and advanced predictive analytics. We worked directly with senior management and C-suite executives to effectively solve enterprise complex problems. This was the best path to developing products that solve real problems and create tangible outcomes that scale up with the enterprise's needs.
Finding repeatability in the highly sought-after use cases, we have built our Continuum AI Platform to deploy and support Descriptive, Predictive, and Optimization Modules specifically for Retail, CPG, and Finance industries.

A smiling group of Theory+Practice employees at the head office in Vancouver.

We are a world-class and interdisciplinary team passionate about understanding what drives consumer behaviour. We focus on the interconnections between the key business drivers and factors that influence the decisions of customers. 

Our platform pairs Behavioural Economics with AI to help large enterprises put their data to work. Our ambition is to fundamentally change the way enterprises serve their customers.

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