Continuum AI Platform Retail Module.
At Theory+Practice™, we are experts at helping large enterprises in retail put their data to work. We deliver powerful AI products specifically for retail to add value to the front-end and backend of retail operations.
Retail Front-End Modules
Understand and personalize your customer experience with our Retail Modules specifically built for the front-end.
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Classifying customers into different behavioural groups for targeted outreach and personalized communication.

Efficiency: Enables automated, precise targeting, reducing manual analysis efforts.
Revenue: Increases sales through tailored marketing messages.
Cost Saving: Focuses marketing efforts on receptive audiences, reducing wasted expenditure.


Creating a highly personalized list of customers who are right for targeted offers and promotions and optimizing data-driven marketing campaigns.

Efficiency: Automates campaign personalization, speeding up marketing processes.
Revenue: Boosts conversions by aligning offers with individual customer preferences.
Cost Saving:
Reduces ineffective marketing spend by targeting the right customers.


Gauge customer loyalty factors and identify high-risk churn customers. Identify the best approach, timing, and products to engage and retain customers, including proactively delivering tailored rewards and engagement strategies to encourage repeat business.

Efficiency: Streamlines loyalty program targeting and rewards distribution, enabling real-time responsiveness to customer behaviour.
Revenue: Fosters long-term relationships, increasing customer lifetime value and repeat purchases.
Cost Saving: Minimizes customer attrition, reducing the costs associated with acquiring new customers.


Highly relevant product recommendations (upsell & cross-sell) for customers driven by behavioural segmentation.

Efficiency: Delivers powerful product recommendation that is automated.
Revenue: Increase basket size and drive sales through targeted upsell and cross-sell opportunities.
Cost Saving:
Maximizes ROI on recommendations by targeting relevant offers.

Retail Back-End Modules
Understand and predict your customer experience with our Retail Modules specifically built for your retail back-end.
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Predict customer demand, helping retailers to align inventory with consumer needs and segmenting stores based on customer demographics, preferences, and behaviour to tailor marketing and product strategies.

Efficiency: Enhances planning and supply chain coordination and simplifies planning by categorizing stores into meaningful segments.
Revenue: Maximizes sales opportunities by avoiding stockouts and by tailoring offerings to local customer needs.
Cost Saving:
Reduces overstock costs by aligning inventory with demand and directs resources towards strategies that resonate with specific store audiences.


Maintain optimal inventory levels, balancing demand and supply and optimize product assortment and timely replenishment.

Efficiency: Simplifies inventory management and automates replenishment, enhancing supply chain fluidity and reducing manual efforts.
Revenue: Drives sales by offering relevant and appealing products and ensures product availability, leading to satisfied customers.
Cost Saving:
Reduces holding costs by preventing overstock.


Utilizing AI-driven insights to strategically place and promote products in-store.

Efficiency: Enables real-time adjustments to merchandising tactics based on performance.
Revenue: Increases sales through enhanced in-store experiences.
Cost Saving:
Focuses efforts on proven merchandising strategies.


Analyzing market trends and customer behaviour to dynamically adjust pricing and promotions – including predicting the best promotional prices and discounts for customer/SKU.

Efficiency: Automates pricing adjustments in response to market conditions.
Revenue: Boosts sales through personalized and timely promotions, maximizing profits.
Cost Saving:
Maximizes ROI on promotional spending.

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