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Rogayeh Tabrizi named AI Leader of the Year by WLDA

“Rogayeh’s visionary leadership has pushed boundaries and redrawn them in the AI sphere. Her relentless dedication to innovation has propelled Theory+Practice into the vanguard of AI, revolutionizing the industry with groundbreaking advancements. Awarded to a woman who has successfully revolutionized the AI field and demonstrated themselves as a true leader in the field." - Read More

Gulf&Fraser sells 46% more term deposits with Theory+Practice's AI Campaign Module

“If credit unions wish to remain relevant for customers, they must begin taking advantage of AI” – Nelson Sandhu, Chief Experience and Innovation Officer at Gulf & Fraser. This case study explores Gulf & Fraser’s need for, and experience with, Theory+Practice’s AI Campaign Module. - Read More

Theory+Practice uses AI to help Gulf&Fraser take personalized member care to new heights

To deliver timely and relevant messages to the right members Gulf & Fraser has partnered with Theory+Practice. As a result of Theory+Practice's data-powered AI solution, Gulf & Fraser can provide members personalized advice and products, creating more value and engagement. - Read More

Theory+Practice Partners with Powerlytics – Supercharging its AI Engines

Theory+Practice and Powerlytics have partnered strategically to deliver world-class AI Engines for the finance industry. “It’s been exciting to see how Theory & Practice’s innovative AI Engines can leverage our proprietary financial data to drive optimal marketing outcomes.” – Powerlytics CEO, Kevin Sheetz. - Read More
Smiling Rogayeh on a graphic annoucing her winning the AI Leader of the Year award by WLDAA graphic showing smiling woman looking at her phone with the Gulf & Fraser logo and the Theory+Practice logo
A graphic of two people shaking hands with the Gulf & Fraser logo and the Theory+Practice logo
A graphic showing a laptop and a phone with internet banking. It also has the Gulf & Fraser logo and the Theory+Practice logo

Rogayeh Tabrizi Named Finalist for National Award​

Rogayeh Tabrizi is named a Finalist for the 2022 RBC Canadian Women Entrepreneur Awards for the Start-Up Award. “This year marks the 30th anniversary of the program which received over 10,000 nominations for women entrepreneurs from across the country. After an intensive judging review, 21 finalists were selected across seven categories.” - Read More
A graphic showing smiling Rogayeh Tabrizi sitting at her office desk, with the announcement of her winning the RBC Women of Influence Award.
Unilever logo and Theory+Practice logo on top of photo of happy collaborating coworkers in a boardroom

How To Unlock AI Impact Through Systems Thinking And LLMs

Ready to revolutionize organizational outcomes? Embrace systems thinking and harness the true power of LLM tools while carefully navigating potential risks. - Read now
Unilever logo and Theory+Practice logo on top of photo of happy collaborating coworkers in a boardroom

How Unilever Leverages Cross-Pollination for AI Success

Explore why cross-pollination iscritical for AI and innovation andhow to get it right. Inspired by discussions with Gary, Headof Data and Analytics Unilever Canada  - Read now
Mars logo and Theory+Practice logo with a womans face layered with analytics

Why Mars’ Success in AI is Thanks to a Consumer-Centric Approach

Find out why focusing on user-centricity in AI is the best move for your organization. Inspired by discussions with Sandeep Dadlani, who at the time was the Chief Digital Officer of Mars. - Read now
Allianz logo and Theory+Practice logo together on top of black and white chess photo

Allianz Focuses on Data Culture to Drive Centers of Excellence

How to leverage the transformational power of a Data Culture. Inspired by conversations with Sudaman Thoppan Mohanchandralal, who was the Allianz Benelux Regional Chief Data and Analytics Officer. - Read now
A view of earth from space layered with data analytics graphics

How Data Systems Give Retailers Valuable Insights Even During Significant Macro Events

Explore how data systems give retailers actionable insights, even if they were designed before the Pandemic changed consumer behavior. - Read now
Shoptalk 2024 conference announcement

Shoptalk US 2024

"The world’s biggest, most influential and rising retailers and brands unite at Shoptalk" - Explore Agenda
A promotional graphic for Innovate west, with a smiling headshot of Rogayeh Tabrizi on a futuristic black and green background

Innovate West 2024

"Top thought-provoking tech & business leaders, inspiring keynotes and the latest emerging technologies." - Explore Agenda


Rogayeh Tabrizi sitting amongst industry-leading panelists at the ALL IN 2023 conference

ALL IN 2023

"The most important event dedicated to Canadian AI" - Explore Agenda
Rogayeh Tabrizi moderating a panel at SaaS North 2023

SaaS North 2023

A highly successful fireside chat on Engineering Scalable Growth - Explore Agenda
Rogayeh Tabrizi on stage presenting at Money20/20 Europe

Money20/20 Europe 2023

On "The Box" stage, Rogayeh Tabrizi discussed "What AI Tells You About Your Customers And Product" to a sold-out crowd - Explore Agenda
Rogayeh Tabrizi on stage presenting at Shoptalk US

Shoptalk US 2023

Rogayeh Tabrizi discussed Measuring Return on Ad Spend Amid Declining Digital Tracking. Explore Speakers
Rogayeh Tabrizi presenting at the Speakers Corner at Euroshop 2023

Euroshop 2023

Rogayeh Tabrizi spoke on "increasing basket size through the power of personalised data" at ITAB's award winning booth. - Watch Presentation
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