Continuum AI Platform Finance Module.
At Theory+Practice™, we are experts at helping large enterprises in finance  put their data to work. By pairing behavioural economics with state-of-the-art AI technologies we have built powerful AI products specifically for finance.
The Finance Module aims to address the unique challenges and opportunities associated with promoting financial services and products. Key stakeholder groups interested in these use cases are Sales, Marketing, Wealth Management, and Call Centres.

Classifying customers into different behavioural groups for targeted outreach and personalized communication. 

Efficiency: Improves planning and resource allocation by providing precise demand insights.
Revenue: Enables targeted marketing and sales strategies to tap into identified demand.
Cost Saving: Reduces overproduction and waste by aligning production with demand.

Departments interested in this Module: Sales, Marketing & Wealth Management


Creating highly personalized list of customers who are right for different offers and promotions and designing and optimizing data-driven marketing campaigns.

Efficiency: Personalized content can be more quickly and readily consumed by the customer, driving engagement and being more effectively designed and managed.
Revenue: Increase cross-selling and upselling, increasing customer lifetime value.
Cost Saving: Reduce the churn rate, thereby lowering the costs of customer acquisition as well as reduce marketing spend and improve return on investment.

Departments interested in this Module: Sales, Marketing & Wealth Management


Identifying customers with high likelihood to churn in advance and identifying the best approach, timing, and products to engage and retain them.

Efficiency: Identifying at-risk customers early can help quickly implement retention strategies.
Revenue: Retained customers tend to buy more and more often, leading to increased revenue.
Cost Saving: Retain existing customers instead of acquiring new ones leads to cost savings.

Departments interested in this Module: Sales, Marketing & Wealth Management


Recommend relevant financial products to your customers and identify frequently purchased product combinations. Facilitates cross-selling, upselling & wealth management.

Efficiency: Automates personalized upsell and cross-sell process, freeing human resources to focus on complex tasks and making the customer journey more streamlined.
Revenue: Boosts conversion rates, increases average transaction value, and fosters long-term customer relationships that enhance overall revenue.
Cost Saving: Enables targeted marketing, reducing the need for broader, more expensive campaigns, and minimizes operational overhead by automating the product recommendation process.

Departments interested in this Module: Sales, Marketing & Wealth Management


Understanding which clients are more likely to miss payments, assessing the likelihood of late or missed payments with greater precision.

Efficiency: Allows banks to respond proactively, reducing the time and resources needed to manage potential delinquencies or defaults.
Revenue: Proactive management safeguards existing revenue streams, including targeted approaches to assist clients more likely to miss payments, therefore likely averting defaults.
Cost Saving: Avoid unnecessary costs associated with collections, legal proceedings, and asset write-offs.

Departments interested in this Module: Call Centre


Intelligently identifying customers likely to repay debts and enabling targeted strategies, thereby optimizing both efficiency and recovery rates.

Efficiency: Identify which customers are most likely to repay debts, allowing for more efficient allocation of collection resources.
Revenue: More effective collection strategies can lead to higher recovery rates, improving the bank's bottom line.
Cost Saving: A more targeted and efficient collections process can reduce operational costs associated with collections activities.

Departments interested in this Module: Call Centre

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