Continuum AI Platform CPG Module.
At Theory+Practice™, we are experts at helping large enterprises in Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) put their data to work. By pairing behavioural economics with state-of-the-art AI technologies we have built powerful AI products specifically for CPG.
Understand and predict your customer experience with our value-lead CPG Modules.

Analyzing market trends and consumer behaviour, predicting product demand with high accuracy.

Efficiency: Improves planning and resource allocation by providing precise demand insights.
Revenue: Enables targeted marketing and sales strategies to tap into identified demand.
Cost Saving: Reduces overproduction and waste by aligning production with demand.


Understand the true ROI of your marketing spend, predict the impact of campaigns and tactics and optimize the allocation of marketing resources by analyzing the effectiveness of various marketing channels, including Mix Marketing Modeling.

Efficiency: Streamlines marketing strategies, enabling more rapid adjustments and targeting.
Revenue: Enhances ROI by focusing on high-performing marketing avenues.
Cost Saving: Direct marketing spend toward the most effective channels, reducing wasted resources.


Predict shipment quantities at several levels of granularity, optimizing the scheduling and routing of shipments with this powerful scenario planning Module.

Efficiency: Automates shipment forecasting processes, saving significant sales team time and enhances coordination between production, warehousing, and transportation, enabling smoother logistics.
Revenue: Reduces spoilage and associated revenue loss.
Cost Saving: Reduces shipping costs by avoiding unnecessary shipments.


Analyze consumer responses to past promotions, refining and tailoring future promotional strategies.

Efficiency: Allows for real-time adjustment of promotional tactics based on ongoing consumer response, improving responsiveness.
Revenue: Boosts sales by creating promotions that are more aligned with consumer preferences and behaviours.
Cost Saving: Focuses promotional spend on strategies proven to resonate with the target audience, minimizing wasted effort.

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